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Every day, we'll add photos and journals about our experiences at the North Pole.
During the expedition, email your questions to the researchers
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Videos and Animations

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Video Interviews:

Rick Krishfield interview at left

John Toole InterviewJohn Toole
Watch the interview watch the video

itp videoAssembling an Ice Mass Balance (IMB) buoy.
Video (0:47) watch the video
itp videoThe ITP being assembled on the pack ice.
Video (1:03) watch the video
itp videoView an animation showing how the ITP works
Animation (1:30) watch the video
haloclineView an animation of the halocline in the Arctic
Animation (3:15) watch the video

Sounds from the Arctic

walking on snow

sled dogs

whistling winds





Live Talks from the Museums:

From the Field Museum in Chicago, get an inside look at a major scientific expedition to the Arctic. Learn about the research team’s tools and findings. Find out how they stay warm in -30F weather, where they sleep and what they eat for lunch!

Listen to the audio slideshow talk »