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Daily Photojournals

April 18 - 26, 2007
Stories by Mike Carlowicz, photos by Chris Linder

day 1 slideshow

April 18, 2007
Miles to Go Before We Sleep

day 2 slideshow

April 19, 2007
Welcome to Iqaluit

day 3 slideshow

April 20, 2007
The Loadout

day 4 slideshow

April 21, 2007
First Men Out the Door

day 5 slideshow

April 22, 2007
Time for Plan B

day 6 slideshow

April 23, 2007
North Pole or Bust

day 7 slideshow

April 24, 2007
An Ode to Ice, Wind, Snow, and Sky

day 8 slideshow

April 25, 2007
A Whale of a Hotel

day 8 slideshow

April 26, 2007
What’s In a Name?

day 10 slideshow

July 27, 2007